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It would be a dream to do different DIY projects to the point where I'd be living in a Pinterest board. When I got my new apartment, I told myself that it's time to have a more grown-up looking apartment - so think less everything Ikea and more unique pieces of furniture. One thing that I've found really frustrating to find is a lamp. I've looked at a wide range of lamps from floor to table and I just couldn't find one that was the perfect fit.

After spending many hours + days of scrolling through my Pinterest feed, I started to see lamps made out of a shelf bracket and a bulb on a cord - I pretty much knew that that was going to be my next DIY project. It ended up being pretty easy to get everything I needed and only took 15 minutes max to put together + I can confidently say that I'm most proud of this DIY project. Here's what you'll need:

- Victorian-styled vintage bulb
- Pendant light cord
- Shelf bracket (here)
- Electric drill (I've got this one and it's great and inexpensive) + screws

Not really knowing where to start to look for the type of cord I needed, I ended up on the Color Cord Company's website. I felt like I was Lucky the Leprechaun and finally obtained my Lucky Charms. This place is a gold mine - they have everything from brass sockets to porcelain sockets, standard grounded plugs to standard 2 prong plugs, and so many color cord options. What I found to be the most helpful is that they provide you with the option to completely put together the cord, switch, and socket yourself, or just buy the pre-made set that's already put together.

Obviously I ended up ordering a pre-made set and I went with the Black + White Zigzag pattern. The Color Cord Company also has a variety of lightbulbs and I picked up a Joule Bulb for this project. From my personal experience, they tend to run out of products from time to time, but just submit your email to be notified when it's back in stock (+ they usually restock pretty quickly).

For the bracket, the boyfriend and I just swung over to Ikea to pick up a standard Ekby Stilig Shelf Bracket, but you can pretty much use any shelf bracket that your little DIY heart desires.

Once we found the perfect place for this lamp, we busted out my tiny power drill that I got for my Nightstand DIY and set the bracket into the wall. Here comes the tricky part - you really need to find a good twisting + tying technique to keep your cord from slipping off. This is probably the step that takes the longest, but we found that looping the cord through the little triangle in the corner of the bracket was key. So just loop and loop until you're satisfied + it looks cute.

This ended up being a fun weekend project and I'm really glad to finally have some light in my apartment (no more walking into furniture). Who's going to try out this DIY?

- Blinds

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